Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Restaurants and Hair Brushes

The food here can get kind of old. Literally (the same food is recycled meal after meal) and metaphorically. Rice, lentils, cucumbers and chicken. Sometimes a blessed mango but even those will soon be out of season. I brought a stash of cheez itz and chewy bars. Every few days I sneak into my drawer, crinkle the wrapper open, and devour the deliciously familiar and artificial treat. I shared a chewy bar with Ian because he gave me Scotch.

The other night, in an act of rebellion, Bubul, Ian and I said “forget the cook’s food. Let’s go out to eat!” And we went to the only restaurant in Rangpur and Gaibandha. After our meal, we went shopping across the street. After about 15 minutes of shopping Ian noticed the waiter from the restaurant following us. “Did we leave too big of a tip? Is he now after us for more?” We tried to lose him but he was persistent. We got into an auto to go home and he came running after us. I cringed expecting the worst. And he pulls out…our leftovers. Not able to shout out at us in English he followed us doofuses around for 20 minutes as we tried to lose him. The only restaurant in Rangpur and Gaibandha. Great.

Remember that little girl who I gave the hair supplies to? Her father stopped me in the hall today and told me that she cannot stop brushing her hair. She keeps saying “Madame gave me these brushes as a gift. This is a gift from Madame for me.”

I could die.

The whole family together on an auto:

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