Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dr. L's visit

Dr. L is here and my days are packed. I asked him for some more work. And now I work from 8am to 7pm. It’s completely exhausting but exciting. I am now working on four projects: The turtle project, writing a manuscript on low birth weight, a maternal mortality project and am working with Jiva on a schedule write up on excel.

There are now 7 of us living in the Rangpur house. We eat together, work together and play

together. We took our Iftar (breaking of the fast) on the roof. Gin and a sunset. Dr. L points

everything out to us and we see it for the first time. The vast rice fields and how they were

planted each seed at a time and the brilliance of the clouds before a monsoon rain.

We went to the market tonight. The power was out in all Rangpur and the stalls were lit with candles. The smells are more intense when you can’t see what’s around you. The fires smell different, either chalky or spicy. You smell cow dung, and food, and sweat, and dirt and rain. Dr. L stops us at stalls and has us taste and smell the mustard oil being made, a pinch fresh tobacco, large sacks of brown sugar. We ducked into a square in the wall and ate fresh biyriani with mutton. I later got a bit sick from it, but so worth it.

Things I purchased tonight:

-A statue of my favorite poet: Rabindranath Tagore (famous poet in Bangladesh and India)

-A Giants hat with a baseball logo on it and the words hockey printed on its rim.

-One of those sweet headphone microphone set ups so I can practice my Spanish Rosetta stone without licking my computer

-A Dolce and Gabanna Wallet complete with garbage bag material insides

At night we all go into the conference room and put a pirated movie on the projector. Sometimes we pop fresh popcorn or eat lemon crepes.

I apologize for the infrequent updates. It’s hard to update when you’re living it.

Asalam Walaikum,


P.s. I changed some names of organizations and people so I don’t get sued.

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