Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Rangpur Cookbook

We basically have 6 ingredients in the kitchen: Egg, Sugar, condensed milk, bananas, flour, lemons. How do we satisfy all our cravings? Feast your eyes on our feasts. Presenting:

The Ranpur Cookbook

Crepes suzette with lemon garnish


· 2 Eggs

· Milk

· Make crepe batter thinner consistency than pancake batter

· Cook like pancake

· Sprinkle sugar, fold, squirt lemon juice

· Add lemon garnish when crepe is cooked

Banana cream cake/ with pinapple cookie crumble topping

· Mashed bananas

· Flour

· Baking powder

· Sugar

· Condensed milk

· Mix

· Crust: Butter, crumbled pinapple cookies, some bread

Hot pocket assortment of stuffing (cheese, spinach, and dal-chillies

· Dough with canned Kraft Cheese, Daal, Cooked Spinach or chillies

Beignets Banana

· Flour

· Mashed bananas

· Half teaspoon baking powder

· Couple tablespoons of sugar

· Egg or two

· Some milk

· Mix all together till globby not droopy

· If add too much water make funnel with plastic bag and make banana funnel cake

Rice Pudding

· Leftover cooked rice, add milk, condensed milk, vanilla, sugar and cook on medium heat for ½ an hour

Flapjacks with maple syrup with scrambled egg and caramelized bananas

· Eggs with milk

· Water, sugar, maple essence

· pancakes

· Caramelized Bananas: Oil, banana

Rangpur "Gin and Juice" with fresh pineapple-lemon juice

· Remainder of previous gin from duty free (Bangladesh is a dry country)

· Pineapple Lemon Juice

Hand-selected beef tenderloin in a rosemary cream reduction

· Go to butcher, cut off piece of meat you want from cow

· Make rue with flour and rosemary

Lemon Italian Ice (I was craving this for 2 days)

-Lemon, blended ice, sugar

And voila, you have all you could want to eat right here in rural Bangladesh.



  1. Oh - I get it now. You made this cook book!

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  3. Can you tape a cooking show with Dr. L as your assistant? =) I like the action shots above.=P