Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting Our Beauty Did

The IRB came back with 31 questions and comments for me to change and fix. Needless to say at the end of the week I was very ferklempt and pacacta and all those Yiddish phrases I am horribly misspelling.

Muzi and I decided to go to the Beauty Parlor down the block and become beautiful.

This is what a week of field work and paper pushing can do to two young women. It's a sin.

Muzi got her arms adorned with Henna art.

We both got 1/2 an hour massages. They dipped wash clothes in ice cubes and laid it on our backs. Then they rubbed us softly like they were petting a dog. A cold, wet, dog. It was unpleasant. Below are our massage tables.

I got my eyebrows threaded. Which means: a woman takes thread between her teeth and hands and pulls the thread tightly together around your hairs pulling them out of your head. This is the smile of a woman inpainbuttryingnottoshowitbecauseMuziistakingapicture.

Then we turned into Bangladeshi Princesses.

Asalam Walaikum,


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