Friday, August 19, 2011

I own an electrified tennis racquet for swinging at/electrifying bugs.

I made a new friend today. An absolute sliver of a little girl. She is the daughter of one of our drivers and and while he and Dr. Bubul did business I played so hard with this six year old. We ate cookies. Then ran up to the roof and spied on people with my binoculars. We danced for a bit to no music. And then she schooled me at drawing flowers. (All this keep in mind with no comprehension of what the other was saying). When she left I gave her a bag of hair styling products. I want to keep her.

So I'm just chilling here in Rangpur for the weekend. Shit kind of hit the fan at work and I've been working overtime. So I'm relishing this break.

I had a dream the other night that I was back in the US and my trip here was cut short. I was desperate to get back here, to finish my work, to continue to push myself in this strange country and to see it through. Then someone handed me a big steak and a milk shake. And I accepted America back.

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