Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For Fun

The internet here is dodgy. So what do I do for fun in Rural Bangladesh? Well let me tell you.

-Read (I am averaging a book a week), sketch, do crosswords
-Work out by running up and down the stairs
-Jump Rope
-Playing brick on my Bangladeshi cell phone
-Writing this blog
-Yesterday Ian and I watched 10 ants pick up our noodle and shove it into their ant hole
-Buy biscuits from the market
-Watching every B rated movie under the sun
-Brian and I have started to watch alllll the episodes of Friends since someone left them here
-Learn to play harmonica
-Learn to play guitar
-Play with my turtle bracelets and increase the distance between the bracelet and the base station to see if it still alarms. Made it all the way to the market today!
-Spy on people in the street below my window with my binoculars
-Learn Bengali

Annnd that’s about it. And I’m so happy.

My office and the view from it's porch:

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