Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gorillas in my Midst

The thing left to do in Uganda was to see the gorillas.  The thing I was told about when I first firstly first got to Uganda and the thing I was told I could not leave before doing. 

I know about the gorillas.  I watched Gorillas In the Mist.  I wanted to be Dian Fossey.  The Gorilla exhibit was my favorite part of the Bronx Zoo.

So I gathered up my partner in travel, Val, from Tanzania, joined together with 4 other women friends and went to the Impenetrable Forest bordering the Congo to see them. 

There are only around 700 gorillas remaining in the world and they are only found in two places:  in the Virunga Volcanoes of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo, and in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.

Our car tilted on the large cavern that separated us and the forest.  We carried our packs and walked, with armed guides, down the almost vertical wall into the canyon.  My legs shook and I fell an obscene number of times.

And then there, just ahead in the clearing, just casually loping along was a family of gorillas.  My breath caught and I started to cry.  But quickly pulled my shit together to take the following pictures.  The rest of the journey we whispered to ecstatically to each other, thrilled and terrified that they might charge us.  There was a 1 year old baby and an infant in the family and 2 silverbacks.  Valerie and I gripped each other as one of the gorillas brushed my leg.  Please see video for proof.

My first sight of the gorillas in the clearing

One of the brothers

The non-leading silverback

The gorilla family

Thinking Man/Gorilla

Mother with her infant

Baby playing with his brother


Head silverback



Impenetrable Forest

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