Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh, oh then suddenly you know you’re never going home

I’ve been here for 6 months.

I’ve been working hard. Learning about myself. Figuring things out. It’s so simple to live out here. I feel simplified. But it can get very lonely.

I miss my friends and my family. I miss living in a place where I could say “Do you want to grab some dinner? I’ll meet you at the coffee shop. Let’s get dressed up and go dancing!” What I would DO to get dressed up in a little dress and heels and go to a bar.

On the other hand I've been to Nepal, just got back from Bangkok, and am heading to China next week...

And I’m doing something of substance. Thank god. I love my job and I love how I feel about myself and the woman I’m becoming.

But my family had Christmas without me this year. My ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend. My room is being subletted by a stranger. And most of my friends overseas are now back in America.

I’m afraid when I go back that it’ll be like I’m from somewhere else, just visiting. That I’ve changed faster than the things I’ve left behind.

“Oh, oh then suddenly you know you’re never going home.”

Asalam Walaikum,

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  1. Hey Chelsea, Not sure if you remember me... we did a water & sanitation project together at JSHPH.. Anyway, found your blog and have been reading it and just wanted to tell you how much this post resonates. I am in Guatemala working on a "heath capacity building grant" with an NGO called Timmy Global Health and a local NGO here. I'll be here for 15 months and its been tough but also is so great.. i think the ups and downs are worth it!! Keep doing great work!