Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Staying

So I was kind of sickish. And the past few days have been delightfully raining and grey. So I decided to take a break under my covers and not leave for 2 days. Hence lack of posting. But I’m not so sure if you would have cared about how soft the blanket was and how powerful the AC was and how the rain calmed my stomach. But it was/did.

Thanks for all the blog requests! It brings me comfort knowing so many people are reading! Thanks guys.

After the last entry I was feeling kind of lost. It’s one thing to be in a country and know your end date. To know your time period and to make the most of it. Once that end date was taken away, I got scared and went into a small slump.

I finally decided to talk to Dr. L. He told me that my project was flexible and I could make it 3 months instead of 5 which would make me leave at the same time scheduled previously. He also said, in his opinion, the longer I am here the better. It’s a unique opportunity that I may not have again.

So I told him I don’t want to cut my project, and I am going to stay until this thing ends. Be it March or April, I’m going to see it through. Officially.

Because really what’s my rush? I don’t have any more school, a job, a child, a boyfriend or even a freaking pet. Why am I rushing home? When will I be in this situation again?

Jiva is a very large scale trial and I am learning so much from it. In addition I am learning how to play the guitar, harmonica, speak Spanish, speak Bengali and am aiming to become a solid muscle. It’s all a bit baller.

Here are some small things I love about Bangladesh:

The way the pineapple tastes after it comes out of the cold refrigerator

When I shower I put my hair up in a bun and let the water trickle down my neck cooling me off for hours

At 4pm in the office a woman comes in and asks “madame, tea and biscuits?”

All of the open doors and porches that let in the breezes and rain and the occasional shrill crow.

If you freeze your water for a few minutes how it shocks your whole body which is not used to anything this cold here

The Rangpur rooftop sunsets

I’m lucky.

Asalam Walaikum,


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