Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Field

I went into the field with a clipboard by my side, went into the field makin’ sure these babies don’t die.

The field was so hot that the cow dung sizzled and my eyes fried. Our day’s maps were shoddy and we looped around rice paddies where every cow and crow looked the same.

I stopped into a Jiva field meeting where there was a casual baby on the floor. I picked this baby up hugging her and kissing her like a goddamn loon.

My team was tired but we kept on going on going on. Our respite was under trees trying to sway in time with branches to remain in the shade.

This is the work we work for and school for. Walking through the numbers and seeing their face. And it’s all good. But it’s as romantic as vultures picking at the sunset dead.

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