Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Adventures

The dark rain clouds rush in so fast with such teeth chattering loud thunder it’s positively Armageddon.  I love the storms.  They’re sudden and adrenaline inducing and the perfect metaphor for my experience so far in Uganda.

On Friday night I stayed late at the office for a goodbye party for a coworker.  I had never been to a Ugandan party!  And I’m a bit of a culture hoarder so I couldn’t wait to soak this up.  A beautiful spread was laid on the table set on the grassy area just under the big tree.  And I thoroughly enjoyed the KFC, Pizza, and my heated discussion about the NY Knicks.

Saturday was a bit more out of my comfort zone.  Myself and 5 other girls (we had to count our duckling heads to make sure no one was lost) waded into the muddy, tarped market Owino.  Owino is a used clothes market so dense and expansive we needed to hold hands.  What made this market different than the markets I’ve been in India, Thailand, Bangladesh was the touching.  My arm and shirt was grabbed by every vendor promising to have my size. 
“Oh my beautiful future wife, come see these pants.” 
I could probably find a husband by sticking my hand out and hailing one like a taxi.
I did find some fun Italian leather shoes from Italy for $8 and a pair of Ban Rays sunglasses. 

With my feet caked in mud, I went to the dvd store and stocked up on every season of every television series ever.  For 50 cents.
I went to a friend’s art show and supported her charity to empower women suffering from domestic violence by buying some art.
Then I went to a house party where Ugandan boys jumped off the roof into a pool.  I was a nervous wreck.

The moral of the story?  KFC is good in any country but the Knicks are not, I can find a husband at the store, House of Cards is the best show ever, and I hope I never have a boy.

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