Thursday, April 3, 2014


We need 37 tablets for our study.   I visit 3 stores, it will be $829 more to buy here than in the US.  What if we shipped it to the Boston office and then DHL?  DHL cost $4000.  Who’s coming to the US?  Coleen is.  What if we shipped them to Coleen and then she brought them to Uganda.  But she’s not going to Uganda, she’s going to Tanzania.  Maybe she could pass them off to Laura in Tanzania who can then bring it back to Uganda.  Oh but Laura is going to the DRC first, and that would mean 3 countries worth of customs charges.  Ok what if she stopped over in Uganda, and before switching plane to Tanzania, she dropped the bag with a hired clearing agent who finished the process?  Ok.  But Amazon only lets you order 3 tablets per account.  Ok so let me get all my friends and family to order tablets from Amazon to send to her address.  We only have 24 hours for it to make it to her on time.  Oh my god, it’s not 3 per account, it’s 3 per account per credit card!  All of my orders have been cancelled.  Maybe Coleen can go to Best Buy directly.  Ok she has the tablets.  Tablets are going to cost $800 in custom charges $200 in clearing charges, $400 for the clearing agent, and 2 days for the clearing.  But Coleen’s flight was cancelled until next week.  OK pushing study back by a week.  Ok need Best Buy to email invoice before tax and discount.  1 hour on phone later, then will get it to me in 48 hours.  They do not get it to me in 48 hours.  OK will call again.  How will Coleen meet the clearing agent?  How will she get her suitcase?  OK she’ll buy a new suitcase so it can stay with customs.  Flight delayed again.

Coleen gets off the plane, passing customs, passes clearance, and never once was stopped.  She didn't have to pay one cent.  We saved over $1000.  

We have the tablets.


  1. the ends sounds like a commercial, but i'm not sure what you'd be selling, haha

  2. Ah, event coordination. It's so exciting and no one ever knows it!