Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life on the Beach

I’ve been in Tanzania for a week now.  Had to leave Uganda for a month to sort out a visa situation. So I ran away to Tanzania and am staying with Val.  Val left with her brother to go on a safari and I spend my days working on a balcony that presses against the sea.  The skyline’s to my right, the neverending Indian Ocean to my left and the stupidly blue sky above me.  It’s silly how lucky I am.  

My nights are spent getting to know the expats from Dar.  I think I might have the expat friend maker formula down:

Isn’t it hard to find men out here?  Don’t you miss cheese?  Do you want to go on an adventure this weekend?  Of course I’ll bring the wine.

And you’re in.

I spend my nights on a pillow on the balcony reading about ebola (best to be prepared), drinking wine, pretending to be an artist, wishing for a Bob Dylan of our time to step up already, rekindling neglected friendships with long emails and shaky Skype calls.

I’m still applying for jobs, and that’s still very scary.  But it is very nice to put a pin in my life and get out to the ocean.

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