Sunday, October 5, 2014


In the middle of the night, burglars climbed up to my apartment and broke in through the back door. They came into my bedroom and probably chloroformed me. They used my iPhone as a flashlight and stole my laptop, my canon camera, my roommate Yatin's expensive fancy lenses Sony camera and his Playstation. Yatin was home in South Africa, so I was alone. I found my towel in a different place than I had left it. They took my purse and hid it under my inverter cabinet, took the $400 I had taken out for my trip to Ethiopia but left my Kindle, Nokia phone, and credit cards. They left all of my Apple products (phone and iPod) presumably because of trackers. Billie freaked out in the middle of the night but I figured she was chasing a mouse and ignored her. It was when I woke up in the morning to pack my camera for Ethiopia that I realized things were missing and noticed the police and neighbors outside. The burglars had robbed 4 apartments and none of us woke up. All apartments had our towels or scarves in weird places (presumably due to the chloroform--a common burglary practice here.) All our purses were under the inverters. All of our Apple products were left. All of us are unharmed. I feel extremely violated and creeped out that they were in my room, by my bed. That they chloroformed us. The guard who was either asleep or in on it was fired. I filed a police report..

But since none of my cards or passport was stolen, I decided to continue on my trip to Ethiopia. I went to work, told my company security about the event, got some work done and head to the airport. In my comfortable hotel room in Addis, my heart finally slowed down, I threw up, and fell asleep at 9pm.

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