Friday, September 19, 2014

How to make Cat Litter

A few entries ago I explained my trial taking my cat on the 48 hour trip from Washington, DC to Uganda.  It was rough.  And I still think she a little bit hates me.  She left a decapitated mouse on my rug yesterday.  It was very The Godfather.

We have our problems but we're working through them.  But I can't find her cat litter.  Cats are all outdoor cats.  So I had to learn how to make my own.  Let me share my knowledge.

Step 1)  

Shred a bunch of newspaper

2) Fill the bucket with warm water and dish soap.  Squish it all around.

3) Dump out the warm water, fill it back up with more warm water and baking soda. Squish it all around.  

4) See video for Step 4. 


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