Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A New Chapter

I have accepted a job with CHIA (name changed) on the global malaria team to work in East Africa and live in Uganda.  I will be a study coordinator.

I left DC with 10 days notice.  I had just started to make friends in the city, to fall in love in the city, and here I was, once again, packing up and shipping off.  I spent a good portion of the 10 days with puffy eyes.

But I was excited.  I was tired of being tired from being tired in an office.  Excited to blink away the computer screen and start seeing the real stuff.

My first stop was Tanzania to join in a full week, full team meeting.  I got straight off the 20 hour flight, brutal, and joined a meeting on rapid diagnostic testing of malaria.  This work couldn’t be sexier.  I am literally at the edge of my seat.  The most noticeable thing about this meeting is that everyone is under 30.  It’s a little shocking.  My initial reaction was that the elimination of malaria was being undertaken by a bunch of kids.  My reaction lasted for two seconds, because as soon as these “girls” opened their mouths, I realized how brilliant and passionate all of them are.  I am at once intimidated and inspired.

The jury’s out whether I’ll sink or swim.  It’s a good thing I coordinated a drowning prevention study in Bangladesh.



  1. Pics pls I'm an excited happy mommy!!

  2. Making history....all while living yourstory!
    so Proud!

  3. Sweet. Much better than a computer screen where people process every little thing in countless meetings and nothing ever changes.